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Yael Shaulsky is a self taught artist from Tel Aviv, focusing on environmental creation.

Most of the fabrics and materials used in her works are second hand or organically collected; 

Some are brand new scraps from ateliers, some are rare vintage pieces and others are natural materials.

That makes each piece hand crafted and one of a kind.


When we look at ourselves in the mirror our eyes are automatically drawn to the 'flaws'.

The way we perceive ourselves is compared to society standards, and our imagination takes off.

Human perception of the physical world is shaped by the layer that separates us from the nature- clothes.

The symbolism of wearing clothes represents the complex relationship between humans and the planet.

What if society's aesthetic standards would be values that we cherish,

instead of suppressing ourselves with superficiality?

What would we then feel when we look in the mirror?

When all options are open, it's up to us to choose- what do we put out there?

Yael Shaulsky aspires to fit all sizes and gender fuckers out there.

For more information please contact us at:

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